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Welcome to the Abyss

Abyss Networks has been putting together hot joints for a minute. Now it's time to bring our music to the world.


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Abyss Networks

The idea behind the collective:

Abyss Networks was born in 1997 when Traxxis got hold of his first PC. Using computer music technology Traxxis has created unique beats using his twisted-chop style. Collaborations include work with 1 in the Chamber Productions, DJ Rha Ruckus, Sleepy Eye, H.O.T. Recording and the MC Eyez to create music that goes against the grain. Influences span all musical generes with a focus on Classical from the Baroque era and World Folk music. The aim in all we do is to make music with a difference that brings cultures together from all around the world.

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Abyss Networks recently sent me an Eyez sampler CD. This has three full songs, plus some snippets and clean versions of songs. Eyez is a good MC, from what I heard, he's definitely got the talent. The best song on this disc is "Single Mother" which is a great tribute to the single mothers. "It's Always Live" has a banging beat and high energy. This is the track that really jumped out at me. The beat, done by Traxxis, fits Eyez voice and concept for the song perfectly. "The Life," which features JC on the hook, has Eyez spitting nice over JC's singing. This track, keep in mind it was just a snippet, sounds like it has the potential to be a good song. "What It's About" is a decent track, this is more of a club joint that probably sounds a lot better live though. Eyez has talent, and from the material I heard, I like what Abyss Networks is doing, so I'll be looking for them and their upcoming projects.
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Upcoming Projects

Traxxis Presents: Timeless

The ulitmate compilation of rap legends over original beats.

Preview right now in the Abyss Media player. Track no. 1, Agua featuring Nas .

The Raw Treasons

Traxxis creates an instrumental Hip Hip odessey based on the Classical Vivaldi masterpiece the Four Seasons

Preview right now in the Abyss Media player. Track no. 2, All Great Things.



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